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Everyone knows that keeping windows clean really matters and that this can be a time-consuming,physical, sometimes even dangerous chore. We've made searching for window cleaning services in Bath and Avon straightforward. Look no more! We offer a complete, professional, outstanding, trustworthy, friendly and efficient local cleaning service.

We are Bath's upper story window cleaning specialists.

Our professional window cleaning staff are trained to provide the safest and most cost-effective method of window cleaning, to ensure the highest quality of service for all commercial and residential window cleaning needs. We provide services to local building managers, facility management companies, superstores, contractors, architects, property owners, letting agents and tenants.

Window Cleaning can be planned according to your requirements. Usually our customers prefer to have their windows cleaned four, six or eight weeks usually, with a few booked quarterly and semi-annually.

To replace rotten frames and window sills is an expensive business and rotting and stained frames are a common occurance in the UK, so keeping them clean is important for future condition

Regular upkeep and cleaning will help keep your windows in excellent condition, they will last much longer and will help to keep your home clean and pleasing to the eye. Windows cover an area that is generally 25% of the house fronts surface area, you can quickly see why upkeeping clean windows is important.

At Window Cleaning Bath we make full use of latest Osmosis D.I technologies, making certain our window cleaning technicians do the job safely and effectively as possible, also keeping you informed of any possible delays which may be due to late scheduling, traffic and so forth - making certain that we communicate this information to you personally, so that you can plan your day accordingly.

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